#A SPIR Coordinator, Location: Asker


Planned start date: ASAP

Planned end date: 31.12.24

Language: English – both oral and in writing.

The project comprises a new unmanned offshore platform in the NCS. The project is at the detail engineering phase. You will report to the Design to Operate Lead.

You will work as a SPIR Coordinator and be part of the Design to Operate team in the project. The primary objective of this role is to be responsible for the SPIR Process in the project, coordinate the commissioning spares and operating spares in the project towards suppliers, project organisation and Company.
The need for spare parts to be defined to ensure that availability of spare parts is based on criticality and long lead items.

Key responsibilities:

  • Mark-up of the supplier SPIR document with respect to right quality and right coding.
  • Create Material requests (MRT) according to project need.
  • Arrange project meetings for operating spares recommendation, with Client, PRE, maintenance engineer etc. and update SPIR-list according to project needs, e.g. quantities, min values, max value, spare part location.
  • Initiate meetings with vendor if necessary to reduce SPIR revisions.
  • Creating bill of material list (BOM) in Company SAP.
  • Communicate SPIR-list to the Commissioning team in order to create commissioning spares according to project needs.

Required Education:

  • BSc or Master degree.

Required Work Experience:

  • Working experience as a maintenance engineer from a project engineering phase or from Operations.
  • Experience with spare parts coordination (SPIR) and material management
  • Good general understanding of Oil and Gas systems and equipment.
  • Working experience in SAP.

Required Qualifications:

  • Good cooperation skills and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Able to lead meetings.
  • Be a good team player
  • Ability to utilize standard IT systems and tools.
  • Have a high loyalty to deadlines.

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