Field Engineer, Stavanger


NORSOK-experience and norwegian workpermit is mandatory

Duration: As soon as possible:- 1 year with possibilities of extention

Project: Jotun

Language: Norwegian

We are seeking a skilled Electrical Engineering professional who is hands-on and possesses expertise in evaluating electrical systems, products, components, and applications. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and practical experience in reading layout drawings, loop drawings, termination diagrams, P&ID, and job cards. Familiarity with NORSOK and other Norwegian Standards is essential, along with experience in Instrument/electrical activities. If you have extensive experience with ATEX equipment, it can compensate for the absence of a formal IECEX/ATEX/Compex course. Additionally, completion of the FSE courses for high and low voltage, as well as a fall harness course, is required.

As part of the role, you will be involved in the CSS (construction site service) as a member of the Field Engineer group. Collaboration and constant interaction with colleagues in your discipline and other stakeholders involved in the projects will be crucial. You will be responsible for following up on interdisciplinary documentation, delegating smaller tasks to the construction team, investigating technical hold codes, and addressing lifting issues at the appropriate level. It will also be your responsibility to monitor Tec-FE holds and create construction change requests, while effectively coordinating between the construction and engineering teams.

To be considered for this position, you should have a Teknisk Fagskole, BCS/MSC Education qualification. A minimum of three years’ experience working on Norwegian projects is required, and familiarity with Norsok Standards is highly desirable. Your extensive experience with ATEX equipment can compensate for the lack of a formal IECEX/ATEX/Compex course. Completion of the FSE courses for high and low voltage, as well as a fall harness course, is mandatory. Fluency in Norwegian is also a requirement.

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