Method – Piping, Fabrication and Installation


Candidates without NORSOK-experience or valid workingpermit in Norway will not be evaluated

Currently, we have various enticing opportunities in renewable, transition, and oil & gas projects. To enhance our study, project, and tender teams, we are seeking to reinforce the method department, which plays a pivotal role in planning and implementing optimal solutions throughout all project phases.

We are in search of individuals with a strong comprehension of fabrication and installation requirements to contribute to the detailed planning, preparation, and follow-up of the method’s scope.

Position Overview and Qualifications:

  • Robust construction experience and comprehension of construction requirements, utilizing this experience to establish the standard for method deliverables.
  • Experience or interest in 3D tools to aid in visualizing planned methods.

Responsibilities and Outputs:

  • Develop method documents focusing on the handling, installation, and testing of piping.
  • Provide input to engineering for construction-friendly piping design.
  • Align piping fabrication, installation, and testing scope with project sectioning, prefab, pre-outfitting, and installation strategies.
  • Maintain interfaces to ensure the flow of information among all involved parties.
  • Participate in method/constructability workshops for scope presentation and review.
  • Coordinate with all disciplines for a multidisciplinary coverage of the scope.
  • Provide input to ad-hoc engineering reviews/studies.
  • Ensure identification and description of HSE and quality requirements within the area of responsibility.
  • Prepare method descriptions in Word or PowerPoint.
  • Create 2D/3D sketches describing field welds, boundaries, handling & rigging, access, etc.
  • Present, communicate, and follow up on methods with construction, engineering, and planning.

Interfaces and Coordination:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Planning

Competency Requirements:

  • Solid understanding of construction and engineering processes.
  • Ability to work systematically and collaborate with other parties for a safe and efficient project execution.
  • Demonstrated initiative, a willingness to learn, and continuous improvement in performance.
  • Effective teamwork in small to large multidisciplinary teams, with a capacity to share and transfer knowledge.
  • Effective management of changes to work tasks and the work environment.


  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.

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