Senior Engineer – Pipe Support Designer/Checker, Asker


NORSOK-experience is Mandatory

Language: English communication skills required, both orally and in writing.

Duration: ASAP- 31.12.2025

Job Responsibilities:

  • Carry out Pipe Support Design and verification tasks within the project organization.
  • Execute Pipe Support Design activities, including designing, performing calculations, and generating drawings.
  • Work systematically and precisely
  • Prepare documentation for procurement, such as tag linking, support material library, and support bad list.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze multiple designs in the E3D model and propose effective solutions.
  • Possess a strong understanding of project plans, with a commitment to meeting deadlines and maintaining project quality standards.
  • Foster a collaborative work approach, closely collaborating with pipe stress engineers and piping designers.
  • Ensure that all designs comply with NorSok standards, including adherence to project organization, deadlines, and quality requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum 12 years of experience in Pipe Support design for EPC new build and modification projects.


  • Possess comprehensive knowledge across multiple disciplines and actively engage in the design process by seeking advice and sharing experiences.
  • Proficient in using Aveva Everything 3D (E3D) Modelling tool.
  • Preferred experience in offshore projects and fabrication.
  • Display a cooperative work attitude and be comfortable working in multicultural teams.
  • Please note: Candidates without NORSOK experience will not be considered.

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